A fundamental cog in the construction industry wheel, the PCA publishes reports and newsletters to provide construction professionals with information that are pertinent to the industry. On its 50th year, the PCA has published the Gold Directory, a book that contains all vital information about the Association---its annals, perspectives, organizational structure, and the significant contributions of its members in the recovery of the Philippines from the vestiges of the Second World War.

The Association also joins forces with several government agencies to come up with construction codes that are beneficial to the industry and its people. In line with its aim to aid construction executives in charting their companies for further growth, the PCA has also formulated a training module for strategic management, as well as a management course for top construction professionals. Recently, it issued its own industry performance report to bring other nations up-to-date with the most recent developments in the Philippine Construction Industry. The bulletin that it issues every month is aimed at keeping its members posted about the latest undertakings of the Association, its leadership and the most recent news about the national construction industry.



Construction Highlights Today

Construction Highlights Today, the monthly publication of the PCA, is an 8-page, full-colored newsletter that contains the most recent undertakings of the Association and the latest developments in the Philippine Construction Industry. It also highlights the public-private partnership program fronted by the Philippine government and the PCA and opens windows of opportunities to its members as it features some of the biggest government projects that are up for bidding. The newsletter also gives updates on the upcoming events of the Association and features some PCA personalities with notable contributions to the PCA.

As it is dedicated to providing construction professionals with the latest information on topics as construction, labor, laws, events and projects, the Association makes a wealth of knowledge available to all PCA members by hard copy or electronic download.

Back issues are in PDF.

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Coffee Table Book

A joint project by PCA and the Philippine Overseas Construction Board (POCB) with funding from the Export Development Council (EDC) and the PCA, the first Philippine Construction Industry Coffee Table Book showcases the notable accomplishments of the local construction industry and the significant contributions of Filipino developers, architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors locally and internationally.

The book was circulated in all Philippine embassies and consulates abroad, all foreign embassies and consulates in the country, international institutions such as World Bank and Asian Development Bank, and to various chambers of commerce and industry of targeted countries.