Skills are preferred more than experience

For employers, jobseekers with better interpersonal and problem-solving skills, alongside a proper attitude are more preferred than those who have experience, the results of the ‘s Fresh Graduate Report show.

This is good news to fresh graduates that are entering the job market especially at this time when a big part of the K-12 graduates fresh out of senior high are going to be looking for their first job,

The Fresh Graduate Report, based on unique jobs posted on between October and December 2017, as well as the 503-respondent Employers’ Survey on Hiring Preferences, reveals that employers are now more ready to hire the first batch of K-12 graduates this year. 

The survey said  24 percent of surveyed employers say that they are ready to hire the new graduates. 

The same survey, however, showed not all employers are ready for this demographic with 35 percent of employers saying they would not be hiring K-12 graduates this year, primarily because a college degree is among their desired qualifications. 

The remaining 41 percent of employers remain indefinite with their answer, saying that they are either evaluating their readiness to accept such candidates, or have no definite timeline to hire these.

The bulk of  employers willing to hire new graduates come from the business process outsourcing (21 percent), manufacturing (16 percent), professional services (12 percent), and retail (12 percent) industries. said these employers believe  the fresh K-12 graduates would primarily be qualified for administrative (47 percent), customer service (44 percent), and sales and marketing (40 percent) roles.

Employers willing to hire K-12 graduates noted they would be using similar metrics and factors as what they use with college graduates, to gauge the viability of K-12 candidates. 

These factor include  attitude and work ethic, interpersonal and communication skills, knowledge on the field and industry, and academic performance as well as on-the-job training  and internship experience.

The Fresh Graduate Report also revealed that human resource personnel may not be very knowledgeable on the nature of the K-12 program, specifically that they may not know of details like the K-12 Work Immersion Program, specialized tracks and strands available to senior high students, and employment-related certificates for which Grade 12 students are eligible.