Phivocs OIC Solidum seeks Engineering Mission


Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) Officer-In-Charge (OIC) Renato Solidum, Jr. has sought the help of the country’s largest contractors to create an engineering mission which will benefit less fortunate communities in preparation for the destructive earthquake that may soon befall the Mega Manila.

In the General Membership Meeting of the Philippine Constructors Association Inc. held yesterday, Solidum spoke about the significant role of engineers in taking social responsibility by educating people on how to properly build their houses.

“If there is an earthquake event, you’ll hear me talk about it. I talk about the hazards and I talk about how to prepare as an individual... and as a family,” he said. “But seldom I hear an engineer talking to the media explaining the importance of making houses prone or earthquake resistant and essentially telling people what to do so that they can make their houses safe.”

According to Solidum, engineers can also have engineering mission as doctors have their medical mission.

The Big One


According to Solidum, around  33,500 will die and an estimated 113,600 people will be injured if a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Manila triggering the movement of the West Valley Fault.

Although earthquake do not occur regularly, Solidum said, when they do occur they can cause severe impact to wider areas.

“I’d like to emphasize the role of construction industry in ensuring that we minimize the potential loses due to a strong earthquake. Once an earthquake strikes the one thing that should immediately recover is the major roads which will be used for relief and recovery,” reminded Solidum.