PCC to identify agencies with anticompetitive practices

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is set to release this February the results of National Competition Policy Review, which will identify sectors and government agencies with anticompetitive practices.

According to PCC Commissioner El Cid R. Butuyan the review is part of their ‘regulatory look-back exercise’ which intends to cover the concept of government as potential source for anticompetitive neutrality.

The PCC’s National Competition Policy Review was undertaken by a high-level technical team, composed of UP Economics Professor Emeritus Raul V. Fabella, former Public-Private Partnership Executive Director Andre C. Palacios and former Agriculture Secretary Senen C. Bacani.  It aims to map the whole competition landscape in the Philippines and review the regulations on private firms, and government-owned or -controlled corporations.

“Depending on each sector and the nature of the findings, the PCC will need to calibrate what to do next: Are we going to go to the agency and talk to them in repealing certain issues; are we going to go to court to expedite the resolution of the issue, or raise it to the level of the Supreme Court and send an amicus curiae to the secretary of the department? Those would be the next steps,” Butuyan said.



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