Construction workers highly in demand until 2022- DOLE

MANILA, Philippines – The demand for construction workers, particularly the skilled ones, would be high until 2022, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reported.

According to Dominique Tutay, DOLE’s Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) director, the demand from the market for construction is 200,000, but the supply is only 80,000. Noting the insufficiency, Tutay also mentioned that among the 80,000 construction workers, only 24,000 are actively seeking for employment.

“If you will deduct the 80,000 supply from the 200,000 demand, the result is the number that the market is looking for,” Tutay said.

According to her, the market needs not just any construction workers, but specifically those with the required skills and qualifications such as laborers, electricians, heavy equipment drivers and safety engineers. 

In addressing the shortage, Tutay agreed that construction workers in the country must continue to undergo skills training.

Additionally, the government is encouraging Filipino construction workers abroad to return and work in the country.

Tutay furthermore added that some local companies have expressed intention to hire Filipino construction workers who were displaced as a result of the oil crisis in Saudi Arabia.

But unless the country produces enough of them, construction workers are expected to be highly in demand until 2022, Tutay said.



Source: Philippine Star