NHA corrects error on ‘HardieFlex’ fiber cement


The National Housing Authority (NHA) has admitted that they have erred in citing James Hardie’s “HardieFlex®” as the brand of fiber cement used in the wall system for the construction of substandard houses built for victims of Yolanda in a November 5, 2016 episode of ABS-CBN’s Failon Ngayon.

James Hardie is a leading company in the building materials industry. As a response, James Hardie said the incident was a reaffirmation of the durability and high quality of the HardieFlex® fiber cement board, as it showed how the product has become a recognized household name.

Liza Alde, marketing manager of James Hardie, emphasized that “there is a major difference between authentic HardieFlex® fiber cement boards made by James Hardie and similar products” used in its place.

Meanwhile for Net Saysay, technical and product development manager of James Hardie Philippines, added, “Substantial research and investment went into the development of HardieFlex® fiber cement products, giving them international renown for durability.”

“Because HardieFlex® fiber cement is a high-quality product, it has become a household name,” Alde pointed out. “Though we are gratified that the brand name has become top-of-mind among homeowners and has caused them to have high recall for the brand ‘HardieFlex®’, it is incorrect to refer to fiber cement boards in general as the James Hardie brand.


                        Source: The Manila Times