PHP39-B mega harbour project to set a "Global Mindanao"

A modern, eco-friendly and Php39-billion worth of mega harbor will realize a "Global Mindanao", said the Mega Harbour Port and Development Corporation Inc., in a report posted at Philippine News Agency website last Saturday, August 21.

In line with president Duterte's development plans of creating a federal system where growth is felt in all regions, the Mega Harbour Port project is expected to generate revenues, employment, livelihood, business opportunities and investments in the Mindanao area. 

According to Mega Harbour Port and Development Chairman Reghis M. Romero, not having a port nowadays would result to bottlenecks to the supply chain and loses of business opportunities with vast overseas markets. 

"We are prioritizing port development in our menu of infrastructure and environment projects because of its urgency in the wake of ASEAN economic integration. As a responsible corporate citizen, we have to align our priorities with national interests," added Romero.



Sorce: Philippine News Agency