PH PPP Framework gets high scores from World Bank

Receiving a score of 96 in preparation of PPP's, 85 on procurement, 84 for  contract management and 67 for unsolicited proposals, the Philippine Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program has generally gotten high scores from the World Bank (WB) report entitled “Benchmarking Public-Private Partnerships Procurement 2017.”

The report which aims to collect and present comparable data on PPP procurement examines 82 economies; 12 from East Asia Pacific (including the Philippines),  13 from Europe and Central Asia, 14 from Latin America and Carribean, seven from Middle East and  North Africa, 10 from OECD High income economies, 20 from Sub-Saharan Africa, and six from South Asia.

''Scores nearing 100 are economies that are considered having PPP regulatory frameworks that closely align with internationally recognized good practices'', the WB report said.